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Do You Really Need An Agent?

For many writers, a question that constantly looms over the process of composition itself is whether one needs an agent to succeed.

The internet, small presses, and the ability to self-publish books (one notable example in recent years being the Espresso Book Machine used by the distinguished Powells Books company) has changed the way the rules of writing work, opening up the doors to highly talented writers and websites that publish engaging and well-thought out poetry, fiction and non-fiction that is Read the rest of this entry »

Our Favorite Magazines For Poets, Both Digital And Paper

Any serious writer will tell you that the ratio of a person’s writing talent is directly proportional to the amount of reading they do. Another talent factor that should be added to this is the quality of the reading material. The following are some of our favorite digital and printed magazines for poets:

New Yorker: This magazine is one the oldest of its kind that is still in print. It has a circulation of over a million readers, if that’s any indication of its applicability Read the rest of this entry »

Find Poetry Groups And Meet Face To Face, Or Not

If you love something, you want to share it with other people, and that goes for poets and poetry as well. But how do you find a poetry group?

It’s not too hard, because lots of people like poetry. Look on the notice boards of your local colleges and community centers. There’s probably a group in your area. Also, check the website of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. They have chapters all over the U. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Favorite Poetry Magazines

Whether you read your poetry from leather bound books or you find it on your hughesnet we’ve got an alternative you should consider. Poetry magazines have come a long wayhere are a few of our favorites:

Modern Haiku: This publication is only semi-annual but it’s all about the ancient Japanese art of Haiku. It may seem one dimensional but by the last page you’ll have newfound respect for a limitation of words.

4AM Poetry Review: This one’s only once annual (August) but it’s got works from some of the preeminent thinkers of the modern age and all kinds of contributions from industry headers.

Avocet: This one’s got a unique slant but we think the magazine’s love for “natural” poems with vivid imagery really makes it something special. They specialize in publishing already-published works but it makes for a nice collection piece.

Cider Press Review: Accepts new submissions all year round and it’s done in Pennsylvania so its works are often farm-focused. It’s had some of the best names in the genre published so you can count on quality content.

It’s Morning For These Rising Poets

Poets have been around for thousands of years, spinning great torrents of emotion into a form of storytelling which stimulates all of the senses in a sort of ‘literary synesthesia.’ Great poets from Homer to Sylvia Plath, Robert Browning, Edgar Allan Poe, and even Langston Hughes have been pouring their hearts out onto paper for the enjoyment of readers for many generations. Now, there is a new stock of future poets emerging to take the Read the rest of this entry »

Poetry And Your Child: Start Early And Don’t Stop

Poetry And Your Child – How Early Is Too Early?
The love of truly great poetry for children should begin as early as infancy. The soothing sound of poetic verse is to a fretful infant as an icy mountain stream is to a thirsty deer. Children are born with natural rhythm. If this is developed early with regular readings of poetry, it extends into other areas of a child’s life: music, dance, mathematics and science.

Poetry Read the rest of this entry »

Congratulations On Your Award! What’s Next?

It’s a great feeling when a piece that you’ve worked, struggled, fought, cried and smiled over wins an award or becomes published. That ever elusive feeling of true accomplishment swells inside of you and you feel that you’ve finally found the road of accomplishment that you’ve been searching for.

So what happens after?

While that sense of accomplishment and success won’t ever really go away, it will fade. It’s up to you to note your success and keep moving forward, keep striding on toward Read the rest of this entry »

Writing Poetry For A Digital World

Digital poetry, a new genre or type of poetry, is actually not new. It has been in the making since the late fifties when computer geeks then would play with textual form, on the computer, to generate a composite of electronic text, image, and sound delivered as a combined kind of performance art (think Jean Francois Detaille and his “Kick the Bucket” piece) and visual, or concrete, poem (think ee cummings and “In-Just”).

Today, six decades in, we can do what the first digital poets did and the poets and performance Read the rest of this entry »